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Wasfat Partnership

Who we are

Wasfat application is the first application of its kind in the world.

We provide three primary services, which are linked to Chef specials, recipes and ingredients/grocery, and social media on the application today. However, we launched as a test app and soon our official launch is on September

The current company operation is based in Kuwait and working on expansion in the gulf region, the middle east, and worldwide.

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Available Today

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Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

Chef Special

A unique user experience by ordering meals through the chefs instead of the restaurant.

Recipes and Ingredients


Social Media Platform


Restaurant Chef


Our vision is to be earth’s number one recipe platform; to create and share recipes from everyone globally. 


Our mission is to bring together the best chefs globally under one platform, leading in cooking and recipes. 

Our Verified Chefs

20 chefs joined Wasfat until now, and we are planning to reach 50 chefs before launching

Our Services

Our type of chefs


Certified Chef





Home Cook

Our Plan

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Our target is to reach 1000 orders per day


Expansion Plan

Organic expansion in the Gulf (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, UAE.

Our Customers
"See what our customers said"


It is a nice feeling to order different types of chef's meals with different options and enjoy different cuisines.

"Let’s do great things together"

After the initial stage (Chef's Special) and regional expansion, we will introduce our next step, in which we provide the best products through our shopping experience using the Wasfat application.


Funds Raised

We have successfully raised 120,000 KWD for our seed round, sharing 6% directly from Wasfat equity. 

What We Offer

​Today we are offering a chance to be part of Wasfat.

We are targeting 300,000 KWD (10% of Wasfat International Company equity) divided by 1,000 shares, with each share cost 300 KWD

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Business Meeting

Ahmed Ben Salamah

CEO / Founder 


We thrive on success in our new journey. Our aim to reach the world and build a chef community

Abdulaziz Abdeen

CMO / Co Founder


To achieve our desired goals, we will create out of the ordinary and creative ideas

Ghassan Ghanem



Building financial Strategy, contribute to operational efficiency, "shareholders value maximization" & "Business Growth"

Abdula Al Baker

Company Lawyer

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The right structure shapes the future


Mohammad M. Alrasheed

Managing Partner


We provide a clear roadmap and exit strategy to meet their strategic objectives. 

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