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Wasfat offers a unique value proposition by combining chef recommendations, a user-friendly online marketplace, and a diverse range of kitchen products.

Our platform provides a curated selection of high-quality culinary tools and equipment, making it effortless for customers to discover and purchase the best products for their cooking needs.

With Wasfat, customers can trust the expertise of renowned chefs and enjoy a seamless shopping experience tailored to their culinary preferences.

How can your company benefit?

By partnering with Wasfat, suppliers can enjoy a range of benefits. Suppliers gain increased visibility and exposure for their products, reaching a wide customer base of chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and individuals passionate about culinary arts.


New Channel

Unique platform will showcase your products


Gain Exposure

Connect with a chef and gain popularity of your product usage


Store and Delivery

Your product can be stored and delivered by experts


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My Kitchen

Providing the "My Kitchen" feature allows chefs to provide and sell cooking supplies through the Wasfat application conveniently. With this feature, Users can easily find the ingredients, tools, and equipment needed.

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